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The Recruiters Guide To Digital Marketing

Recruiters are often challenged when trying to acquire the right candidate. Job sites such as, or even are few of the popular sites that are known to help with the recuritment process. These sites are frequented by job seekers of all kinds. The audience is very broad and might not exactly get the attention of the target audince you want. Most of these sites feature an Ad but does not redirect the traffic to your website, to a page of your choice.

How exactly can you over come all this? Yeap. Digital Marketing :)

Is facebook a suitable place to advertise your vacancy? Let's find out.

If you are looking to recruit fresh graduates, Facebook is the place. However Facebook has an aging population and it is safe to assume that people upto the age of 45 can be comfortably reached as well.

Yeap! Thats right. If you are an IT company, looking for a replacement you can make sure that you ad is only seen by those who are in that industry. Not just the industry but you can drill down to thier employer, show the ad to those who are employed with a certain company.

Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

You need to log in to the ads manager to run ads. you should be able to find the ads manager on the left column on your home page.

Once you get to your ads manager, you are given choice to pick your marketing objective.

Let's use the "Send people to your website" option. Your website can consist a carrers page and portray what it is like to work for your company. This is not achievable thourgh a poster. Adobe, Google and Sqareup are a few companies who has got a pretty cool carrers page.

Sri Lankan Rupees are not yet available as a currency in facebook advertising. Once you select the right time zone click continue.


Your outcome wil only be as good as the audience you are showing your ads to.

Once you adjust location, age and gender to fit your need, you will see a summary along with the potential reach to your right.

Narrowing Down Your Audience

Let's say that you are a recruiter for a five star hotel (Hilton CMB) looking to recurit a finance executive with experince in the hospitality industry. You have good chance of easily finding on that fits the above description if they are already employed by a competitor. by setting up the demographics as shown below we can easily reach our target audience.

Detailed Targeting allows you to drill down your audience to the next level. This includes demographics, Interests, and Behaviours.

We can now make sure the vacancy will only be seen by those who have an accounting background, who already works at cinnamon grand or Taj. Making your audience more specific. This solves the problem you are faced with when advertising on topjobs or ikman.

Where does your ad get shown?

You can pick and choose where exactly you want to show these ads from above. However instagram is not the best place to show ads, if your goal is to get them to visit your website. It is an observed fact that people using instagram hardly clicks on a link and leaves instagram following the link. Also note that this is contextual. If you are trying to recruit a fashion designer it can be the right channel to advertise on.

How much should you spend?

Facebook advertising is billed on cost per click basis. You only pay if someone has clicked on your ad. Having a very clear messaging with an attractive copy on your ad will help you to reduce to the cost of junk clicks and optimize the quality of visitors that land to your site.

This part could be a bit tricky. However everything boils down to how much your recruit is worth to you and the budget allocated for the recruit. Given your budget you can vary the amount you want to spend.

You can decide on how much a click is worth to you. Facebook suggests a bid based on the audience and it is always better to bid a little above the suggested bid to make sure you reach the audience that you desire. However if you are an experienced advertiser there are other bidding tactics to work your way around it.

Creating your Ad

Facebook has multiple formats for ads. The best for our purpose will be a single image ad.

Choose your advert.

Note that the Ad should be 1200*628 px.

Redirecting your ads to the website

It is important to make sure that you are redirecting your ads to the intended website.

Writing a compelling copy to attract prospects

Once you have written a satisfying copy, go to review order and check if you have missed anything.

If everything looks good place the order and your ads will be live :)

The best part about digital advertising is the ability to track and analyse the quality of visitors that come to the site through these ads. Lets take a look at this in the next post :)

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