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10X your e-commerce revenue with Google Analytics insights

For Insight addicts like my self, there is one big reason to be jolly during and after the Christmas season.

Naughty or nice, most e-commerce sites see a spike in their traffic during the holiday season. Most business owners know this and often doesn't bother digging into that spike.

A close analysis of holiday traffic will not only help you prepare for the next holiday season, but can also help you identify profitable segments that can Improve your average order value.

The goal of this blog post is to help you identify segments with a high average order value with google analytics (2x or more than the site average)

Why you should focus on improving Average Order Value.

1. Acquiring new customers is expensive, difficult & time-consuming

2. Enhancing the shopping experience for high average order value segments will improve retention along with Customer Life Time Value

You probably know these things, let's get to digging.

Step 1.

Open a Google Doc from your Gdrive. Go to Add-ons tab and get the Google Analytics Addon.

Step 2

Once you have added account details, add the following metrics

a. Users

b. Avg. Order Value (Enhanced E-commerce) or the Relevant goal that represents avg. Order Value

Step 3

Add 5 or more dimensions (Use dimensions as you see fit, it would be ideal if you could using Machine Learning to analyse all possible outcomes)

- User Type :

- Gender:

- Site Search Status :

- Count Of Sessions:

- Session Duration:

- Mobile Device Marketing Name:

Step 4

Give a data range that you would like to run the report for and run the report.

We did a quick screencast to make lives easier for you to get the above 4 steps done, Click here to view.

Step 5

Remove segments that has less than 30 users.

Segments with a small number of users can skew the analysis to a wrong direction.

Step 6

Identify segments that will give you a higher average than the overall average of the data set.

Click here for a quick screencast to learn how exactly to do this.

That's pretty much it.

You now probably have a few segments that might look something like this.

The segment (New Visitor, Galaxy J7, 25- 34) has 18X higher average order value than the sample average

This is a great insight, but what can we do with it. How do we action this insight.

Actioning the Insight

There are only three things that you could do with an insight, let's see how the identified segment can be used for each action

1. Increase Revenue

Create a similar audience based on the segment and bring consumers with high conversion rate probability and high value to the top of the funnel(Aquisition)

2. Decrease Cost

Identify low average order value segments and exclude those segments in paid advertising to optimize budget.

3. Improve Customer Experience

Create remarketing ads for the identified segments with personalized offers

“Where do we go from here? Left foot, right foot, repeat.” ~ Andrew Bosworth, VP Engineering, Facebook

Feel free to shoot any questions you have at us, we would be more than happy to help you out.




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