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Did it move the Needle? Discovering content that matters, with Google Analytics

Content! Content! Content!

Content marketers tend to create content for various reasons.The key reason is to actually help the customer find what they want.Good content also impacts your overall search engine ranking and can immensely help your website to get ranked higher for a specific keywords.I will leave this conversation for another day and dive straight into the matter at hand.

What we want to figure out today is pieces of content that really impacted your goals.

Let’s look at a Lead Gen website, whose main objective is to bring more leads through the website.

Listed below are a few ways a website can capture it’s leads.

  • Contact Us Form Fills

  • Content/Product Download Form fills

  • Newsletter Subscription Form Fills

When considered in general our objective is to increase the number of form fills.These form fills will help us fit a lead into a relevant stage in the funnel and nurture them accordingly until we can convert them into a customer.

Not all content is created equal!

Some pieces of content will be better at generating leads than others.but how exactly can we identify these pieces of content to drive more conversions.

Our objective is to try and identify the most helpful type of content(Casestudy/Webinar/Whitepaper) when it comes to product downloads, and then the most helpful piece of content for a specific product.In this case lets look at the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.

Google Analytics FTW!


I will use custom segments to figure out an answer for the above problem.

Let’s break this process down to steps to make it much more simpler

Note: Considered 3 months of data for the analysis

Step 1

Create custom segments for each type of content, this will depend on how you have already set up tracking on your GA.If it is through goals you can use the relevant goal to create the segment.If it is through labels you can use the relevant label to create the segment.

Step 2

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels and add each of these segments along with all users to see which type of content has impacted the most. I have selected the product goal conversion rate since we are trying to see the impact on product downloads. It’s quite clear that case studies have the highest impact on product downloads.

Step 3

Look at the top-performing case studies, and create segments for the top 4.If you already don't have these events set up, best is to set up tracking for the form fill button.Then create the segments accordingly.

Step 4

Create a custom report that only includes the Product, Enterprise Service bus.Also include the product conversion rate as the key metrics.

It is quite clear that case study 1 is the most helpful piece of content, when it comes to ESB downloads.

Now let’s look how we can turn these insights into actions

Insights to actions
  • Create thankyou mailers with the ESB download link for case study 1 downloaders.

  • Create email campaigns for Case study 1 downloaders with the CTA to download the ESB product

  • Show remarketing Ad’s to Case study 1 downloaders with the CTA to download the ESB product

  • Include the ESB product download in the Case study one PPC page

This methodology can be replicated to identify the pieces of content that contributes the most at each stage or for each product.

Try it out yourself and let me know how it woked.


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